Xeriscape Ideas Garden

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Xeriscape Ideas Queen Victoria

Xeriscape ideas – This concept is fashionable. It is why more and more scarce water reserves and design a garden with little need for irrigation is ecological as well as being economical. At the time of planning our garden, the first thing we do is draw a flat surface and distribute the plants you want to plant according to their water needs. An ecological garden is one that is designed to adapt perfectly to the weather of the place, so its ideal is to choose native plants, i.e., those that grow naturally in the ground.

Xeriscape ideas, basically we distinguish three types of plants or zones in our garden: they need much irrigation, moderate irrigation and dry land plants. To make the most ecological garden possible wider area should be dry plant, but in a timely manner can put a corner with plants need more water and half water consumption.

Xeriscape ideas, to maintain moisture and avoid wasting water, plants need watering more may be arranged around a shaded area to combat the strong sun of July and August. Margins lawn (if any) are also suitable for grouping some flowers or plants with high water needs of all, since it is there where they used to build a high percentage of moisture.