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Wood Patio Cover Plans

A patio cover plans can be constructed which seems an extension of your home. You can stand on the patio or built to stand up. You can build a wooden patio deck first decide on the type or style you want for your yard. Dig post holes 4 by 4 in each corner of your yard with hole digger. The holes should be at least 18-20 inches deep.

Patio cover plans measure the width and length of the yard holes dug in the first step. Cut four 2 by 4 boards to measures taken in step 2 lengths tables must match the width and length of the courtyard. Place three fifty-seven 2 by 4 boards at the top of the frame you created in Step 4 Secure the plates with screws 2 inches.

Patio cover plans insert the O 4 by 4 into holes dug in step 1. Mix cement in the wheel barrel. Adding water to the mixture until it has the consistency of pancake batter. Pour cement in the holes until it is about 3 to 4 inches from the top of the soil. Place a level on each of 4 by 4 to make sure that each table is level. Wait for the cement to harden.

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