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Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace

Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace – Outdoor fireplaces are an attractive and useful amenities in the landscape. They can produce heat to make outdoor living more comfortable for seasonal use, and add a nice visual environment to any setting.

Whenever the fireplace is classified structurally for burning wood instead of natural gas or propane, almost all wood can be used as fuel. Igniting a wood burning outdoor fireplace is as simple as lighting a fire inside except fire ladder can often be larger, depending on the size of the combustion chamber. A wood fire right usually can be started successfully in a matter of minutes.


  1. Open the fireplace damper wood burning outdoor fireplace if the chimney is equipped with one.
  2. Crumple individual sheets of dry newspaper loose balls. Use as much paper if necessary to make enough balls to cover at least 3/4 of the surface of the fireplace grill.
  3. Arrange pieces of dry wood turning freely to cover newspaper balls in a horizontal position, with plenty of open space around them, not tight. Use ignition of any length that fits over the grid, but keep the diameter of 1 inch or less for easier on.
  4. Place one or two more small logs of wood, wood perfectly positioning them so they are sitting on the grid and not easily topple.

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