Wonderful Houses with Wrap around Porches

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Houses with Wrap around Porches Decoration

Houses with wrap around porches – ancient and historic houses often have a front porch, sometimes with carved wooden ornaments or other decorative elements. Landscaping on this porch is difficult because you do not want to subtract the porch itself. Garden ideas for old houses with front porches should add color to the home without taking away from the decor.

Houses with wrap around porches map size and use garden stacked stones or pieces of wood as garden walls. The walls provide a clear division between the garden and the rest of the lawn. Create two separate gardens, one on each side of the steps to the porch or entrance porch. Make the garden wrap around the side of the house, or stop right at the end of the house. They fill with flowers of different colors, or use the garden space to grow their own vegetables.

Houses with wrap around porches plant greens like lettuce or spinach, Brussels sprouts, hot peppers, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes and eggplants all flourish in containers. Space containers along the steps of the porch or along the porch railing. If you want to use containers as landscaping, space several containers equally around the outer perimeter of the front porch.