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Wonderful Desert Landscape Ideas

Desert landscape ideas provides the perfect solution to create beautiful, unique landscape in even the smallest of yards. Landscaping in a small space is best when it is based on a color scheme or structure repetition will give your small space a sense of cohesion without being cluttered.

The inclusion of a focal point like a statue or a plant highlight the look of your yard you want people to focus on. For desert landscape ideas, the focal point could be a single cactus or rock outcrop. You can also install a deck or patio to enhance the size and depth of your yard.

Desert landscape ideas with lots of rocks and gravel means you do not have to spend as much of their free time caring for a large lawn area. Create ribbons of color in your gravel or rock landscape. All you need are two or three types of gravel to build a contrast. One approach is to create a ribbon of gray gravel leading to a focal point, such as a cactus or a tree. Gravel or rock to either side of this tape may be another solid color such as dark brown.

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