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What is a Three Season Porch?

Three season porch allows you to expand your living space to enjoy the outdoors with protection against insects and rain. This area would be a useful addition to your home, helping to bridge the gap between your indoor and outdoor spaces. These similarities with porches screened-in porch and integrations; their distinctions set them in the middle range for the addition of property value.

Three-season porches are usually more suitable for use in the spring, summer and autumn, as the name suggests. This time frame is largely dependent on the weather in your area. The type of flooring to be used in a three season porch is largely due to the fact that it will be the construction of the porch or by starting with an existing porch.

Unlike sunroom addition, three-season porches are not linked with the heating system of house ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). In addition, three-season porches are not isolated as a real addition would, make it easy for the hot or cold air to escape.

One of the main features that separate three season porch from screened-in porches is the use of windows to expand the season to use the porch. Ideally, windows should be able to open the breezes to enjoy the unseasonably warm days.

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