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Types of Outdoor Stair Railing

Outdoor stair railing – outdoor railings should be durable and strong. The outer rails are available in a wide range of options. You can choose the most suitable outer gate, depending on the type of stairs, the color of the exterior walls and other parameters.

The outdoor stair railing come in four main types are: 1) wooden stairs railings outside which give a rustic look to your deck. The stair railings wood can be carved in any beautiful shape and can be painted or stained. Wooden railings outdoors are oak, cypress, birch, mahogany, pine and maple. Wooden railings must be well maintained with waterproofing from climatic changes; 2) a railing metal stairs outdoors that are available in various designs and requires no maintenance and support changing climatic conditions. Two materials are available as follows: wrought iron, stainless steel; 3) railings stone stairs outdoors that make a classic look, especially marble or granite outdoors; 4) aluminum or vinyl outdoor stair railings that are available in all different shapes and sizes, resistant and can withstand climate change. But, have a mediocre appearance.

These are several types of outdoor stair railing. Now, choose the best stair handrail as per your choice!

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