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Types of Exterior Shutters for Windows

Exterior shutters for windows come in several styles. And are made of wood, vinyl, metal or a combination of wood and vinyl. Exterior window shutters come in a wide range of sizes to suit any size window. Bars; louvered shutters have horizontal slats that are permanently inclined at an angle to allow air. They can be a top to bottom panel or two small panels with a wide strip, the material between which.

Elevated paneled exterior shutters for windows; elevated filler doors shutters have center panels that are thicker than the rest of the shutter. Raised folding doors shutters look very much like a kitchen cabinet door. Board -N- Batten; board -N- Batten shutters are wooden slats that are arranged vertically either close together or with a space in between the slats. The slats are attached to two thicker pieces of wood that are horizontal across them.

Bahama; bahama exterior shutters for windows look like a louvered shutter. Bahama shutters have a narrower frame, and instead of being distributed horizontally. They have a narrow panel dividing them vertically. Harmonica shutters; harmonic shutters are used as protection from violent storms. They work like a harmonica, pulling out from one side to the other and folding up to be almost invisible.

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