Types and How Does Of Built In Gas Grill Work

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4 Burner Built In Gas Grill

There are many brands of built in gas grill but there are two basic types. Indoor gas grill usually installed in a kitchen center island or under a large hood in the counterpart. These grills are available in sizes ranging from 24 to 48 inches. Another type of barbecue is an outdoor built-in gas grill. Outdoor kitchen wins popularity every year. They can be as simple as a small framed island with a counter. Others are as elaborate as a full brick or stone counter with built-in grills, refrigerators and storage spaces. Some have shadow umbrellas over them.

How Built-in Gas Grill Works

Indoor built in gas grill is what is called a drop in. This means that the unit dropped to a counter either in an island or on the main counter. They are powered by either liquid propane gas or natural gas. A small copper pipe brings fuel from the source to the grill. It is then distributed throughout the unit by a burner when the grill is on.

It may be illuminated by an electronic ignition or through a control lamp that lights up all the time. There is a ceramic grate that the fat drops down. And causes the smoke that gives food as a grilled taste. The smoke is either drawn into a fan attached to the built in gas grill called down draft and taken out of the house or pulled into a large hood and removed. Oven grill works in the same way except there is no need for a fan. They also usually use lava rock instead of a ceramic grille.