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Outdoor fire pits ideas – Outdoor fire pits are an age-old heating and cooking device that makes comeback in modern patio shaft. They have come a long way from the wood-fired stone ring used by our nomadic ancestors. Today you can find an outdoor fireplace to suit whatever your backyard decor can be.

Outdoor fire pits are available in three basic types: tabletop, fireplaces and chimney. A table fireplace is a fire pit built into a low, usually broad, patio table. The table portion is usually made of iron, while the fireplace is made of copper, stainless steel or stone. Campfire is outdoor fire pits ideas designed to look like campfire rings.

They are made of stone or iron rings designed to look like a cut-off steel barrels are often used at campsites. Some are even made to resemble clay pots. Chimneys are more like an outdoor oven designed by a very large clay-like pot or vase. There is a hole in the front loading of wood and a hole in the top for ventilation. Some are designed to accommodate gas fire systems.

Fire pits are made to use gas, wood or coal. The pit portion is rounded to allow adequate ventilation to keep the fire going in slow warm glow. Grills or screens can top rounded pits, except Chimney, which left open. All fireplaces are made of several materials, including stone, granite and stainless steel.

Gas fire pits are shaped to accommodate either propane tank during or gas logs in the pit. Wood and charcoal burning fire pits are designed to keep the materials without denting. All outdoor fire pits ideas are made of durable materials that can easily withstand high heat. They can be made to suit any size, shape or style requirements.

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