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To Convert a Freezer Into Built In Kegerator

To make a built in kegerator, out of the freezer, you must first convert it to a refrigerator. Complete kits come with all necessary parts and instructions to install a barrel permanently into the refrigerator. Just follow some basic steps. Instructions: Locate the connector with three pins on the temperature controller. Plug it into an electrical outlet near the freezer. Insert the temperature control plug into the freezer power cord. Set the temperature regulator sensor around or through the door seal the freezer. Set the temperature of 36 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Drill a 1, 15/16 or 7/8 inch hole in the side wall. Insert the shaft into the hole from the outside and fasten it with a lock nut. Attach to the handle of the crane head. Insert a rubber disc into the lock nut. Add another lock nut to the other side of a beer line jumper. Place a rubber disc here too. Attach hexagon nuts to built in kegerator clutch top and shaft is back. Hold the air conduit, mount one end of the nipple of the barrel connector. Attach thread with screwdriver. Take the air line’s other end and press over the nipple regulator. Attach the airline with a screwdriver.

And now install the gas built in kegerator. So, let your bar rest for several hours. Place a disc in the clutch nut, which is attached to the regulator. Screw the nut to the valve outlet of the cylinder and tighten it with a wrench. Turn off the shut-off valve. Open the drum cylinder valve. Turn the adjusting screw clockwise until the meter shows the correct pressure. Attach to barrel to barrel clutch. Open the valve on the tank of CO2. Set shut-off valve handle on regulator in open position.

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