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Tips to Cleaning Decks and Patios

Decks and patios – provide a peaceful outdoor living space, add quality and value to your home. When the patio or deck remains unclean and faded, it becomes uglier than an attractive landscape design. To clean the area properly, you must use cleaning ingredients that remove all weather and build up without damaging the deck, patio or surrounding vegetation. Many retail tire cleaners do not hold all of these properties, as most are chemically based and will take cabbage on plants.


Fill a bucket of 6 ounces of acid bleach and 1 gallon of hot water. Hose from the decks and patios with the garden hose, rinse away as much loose residue as possible. Dip a shed brush or stiff broom in bleach, and scrub the deck or patio. Start at one end of the patio or deck and work to the other side, cutting into the company’s big circular movements. Rinse off the deck or patio as you clean each section to wash away the leftovers before wiping it back onto the patio or deck.

Sweep the floor for a few days with a mop or vacuum cleaner. Pour 1 rinse mild detergent and one of gallon hot water in a bucket of cleaning. Dip a cleaning mop into soapy water, twist as much water as possible, and wipe the mop over the travertine tile. Repeat until the decks and patios are clean. Rinse the mop with warm water, twist out the mop once, and wipe over the travertine tile to remove soap residue. Wipe the floors with a clean dry mop to collect residual moisture.

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