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The International Residential Code of Horizontal Deck Railing

Specific regulations  horizontal deck railing vary by state and even city; therefore, it is vital to check local codes, ordinances and authorization procedures before beginning construction. In addition to the codes by building organizations such as those established by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The International Residential Code, provided by the International Code Council and applies to state and local laws in most of the United States, offers several regulations to build horizontal deck railing. Any deck of 18 inches or more above the surrounding ground must have guardrails. If these guardrails are not solid, but rather consist of a series of vertical bars or pickets, the space between each stake it should be small enough that a sphere with a diameter of 4 inches can not pass through any gap.

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Similarly, if the rail design incorporates a horizontal deck railing crossbar, which balusters are joined any difference between the crosspiece and the floor of the cover can not be longer than 4 inches at any point. IRC demands that any bear railing at least 200 pounds of weight vertically at any given point. The rail should extend to a height of at least 36 inches above the floor of the deck. In public or commercial applications.

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