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Temporary Fence Panels Types

Temporary fence panels are a wooden fence that serves as a border or a decorative touch to landscape. This type of fence that is a variant of a board and stringer fence that is built on a framework of vertical posts connected with two horizontal rails called stringers. The difference in fence styles is the type of wood used the silhouette of the picket tops, finishes on the fence, or the gap between the poles.

A traditional fence being built between the vertical fence services in the ground in concrete or packed gravel. Made of wood, are post caps of glass, metal and some forms of the planter.

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Picket style can be completed in a variety of techniques. Cedar fence stained to preserve the beauty of the wood and be colored once every year or two to prevent graying. Pressure-treated Southern pine, carob and Gran can be colored too, but more often are painted white. Some homeowners may like to paint their fence in a color that accents their house colors. Some temporary fence panels are covered with vinyl to resemble painted wood and save homeowners maintenance of painted wood. There is fencing styles are available in metal, too. The best way to custom design your temporary fence panels to select a particular cut of each picket top.

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