Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Fence Ideas

Swimming pool fence – Having a deck around your pool not only beautifies your yard, also it keeps clean the mirror of water because less land to he carries. Build the terrace is not as difficult as it seems. The height is almost predetermined since you have to colcarla flush with the edge of the pool. In addition, the design is done because basically still the way of the water surface.

Swimming pool fence, prepare the area where the stairs will be in contact with the ground. Use it as a reference point. Buy prefabricated sleepers for the stairs will make the project even faster. With any luck, you’ll buy a set height your pool.

Swimming pool fence, build the lower deck frame with pressure treated wood. Build it up to the pool, but a little lower than it due to the thickness of the wood decking. Placed around the deck as main supports, 4×4 inch posts sunk in concrete at least 2 feet (60 centimeters) deep. Use 2×4 inch united in an “X” as a cross bracing. Put them together with screws and bolts. Use 2×6 inch boards as the joists to attach the wood to deck and place them around the perimeter of the pool.

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