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Style Of Outdoor Fire Pit Covers

Outdoor Fire Pit Covers – Patio fires allow you to enjoy the warmth of a campfire in the comfort of your own patio and in the presence of family and friends. However, for the fire to be safe and to make you feel anxiety free, your stove should contain a covered screen to prevent the sparks from flying out of the hole. You can build your own fire pit and screen covers.

Instructions: Decide where you want the fire pit to be in your yard. Keep it at least 5 feet away from your home, deck, trees or any flammable object. Decide what size you want your outdoor fire pit covers and this draw size on the floor with chalk. If you’ve bought a prefabricated screen cover, use it to decide how big it is to make the hole and to help delineate a perfect circle. If not, use the circular grill in the same way.

This way, the circle will be perfectly sized to allow the outdoor fire pit covers to rest on the bricks and stay firmly in place. Cut the piece of metal sheet to match the size of your circle and place it on the space drawn out. This will prevent the floor from burning and being blackened. Outline this sheet metal with a layer of bricks, making sure everything connects and all level.

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