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Strong but Stylish Concrete Stair Treads Outdoor

Stair treads outdoor extend house into landscape and enhance architectural theme and should be planned for site in conjunction with house as a whole, rather than added as need arises. Concrete is used extensively to build outdoor stairs and concrete help unify site. Stairs are scaled differently depending on location, but it is always important to maintain consistency in design data and ensure that safety is a priority.

Dimensions of risers and steps are critical to how comfortable it is to use stairs. Stair treads outdoor, risers must have a minimum of 4 inches tall and up to 6 1/2 inches – going below minimum creates a tripping hazard and steeper steps are more difficult for people with mobility problems. Steps must be at least 12 inches deep and angled slightly to shed water. A textured finish on steps provides traction.

Stair treads outdoor concrete can withstand different types of weather and last for decades when built properly. Concrete is also an option of flexible design; It can be finished in different ways to complement individual style of your home. Moreover, it is no more complicated metalwork for wooden ladders formwork carpentry. To soften visual effect of concrete, contrasting materials such as brick driveway or a wooden railing and stairs are integrated with plantations in areas of importance, such as front yard.

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