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Stamped Concrete Driveway is Impressive

Stamped concrete driveway – excuse my enthusiasm, but the stamped concrete is impressive. It is one of those home remodeling trends that seem to be taking very strong lately, and for good reason.

I’ve seen it for years, and was not impressed by it. Recently, however, new trends texture and pigmentation allow you to place a printed concrete in much more suited to the needs and preferences of each exterior, in this article there some image of stamped concrete driveway.

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What is it about? The stamped concrete is to pour a concrete slab on driveways, sidewalks, patios, etc., and then print molds and textures in the concrete before it is completely dry. For many years, concrete has been printed with the same molds and without much variety, almost always the traditional cobblestone.

But new types of printed concrete molds can make duplicate many different things such as paving stones, bricks, wood, stones, pavers fan and much more surfaces. Moreover, the pigment or dye is usually added to concrete printed to duplicate further aspect of said molds. Differences between the original material and stamped concrete. Brick, pavers, look great, but they form an area of ​​many interlocking pieces that are susceptible to frost and other changes in the underlying surface.

Sometimes this can be good if you are trying to cover an uneven surface – brick, cobblestone, stone or pavers conform to the surface, what do you think about stamped concrete driveway ?. But if you have a good flatness and a low level stable surface, you can decide on the printed concrete adding fine glass fibers or the iron mesh to reinforce the final pavement.

How to Build Stamped Concrete Driveway

Many people who see stamped concrete driveway or sidewalks assume it’s some type of tile to be placed into pieces. They reject the idea of ​​updating their own concrete driveway because stamped concrete seems very intense work, when in fact there is more work just to pour the roadway itself. Concrete stamps are available in stores for home improvements. They come in very large sizes and are much deeper than standard labels. For this reason, it can not replace regular craft stamps for concrete stamps.

Select the location in your stamped concrete driveway connects to the street. Remove a section of the sidewalk, if necessary, to obtain access to the courtyard of the road. Dig up the plants, shrubs or trees in the area chosen with a shovel and cut pieces of lawn with a knife that has a section slightly larger than your driveway is bare ground.

Remove dirt around the hole so that is 3 inches below the surrounding area. Pending the area for drainage; dig the first foot of the entrance area of 1/4 inch deep. Dig the second foot of the stamped concrete driveway 1/2 inch deep; pending the entry continue in this way until you reach the end.

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