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Special Vinyl Decking

The decks offer a patio area for people to relax, chat, and meet outdoors. Vinyl decking covers are easy to maintain and less expensive than other options. They are constructed of either hollow or solid pieces of PVC. Vinyl solid parts can be designed to resemble natural wood more closely than vinyl hollow parts. Both types of vinyl covers can be customized to any color specification.

Both covers hollow and solid vinyl decking require little maintenance, and they should not be painted or stained as wooden decks do. PVC solid vinyl covers are more expensive than their hollow counterparts because they are thicker and more expensive to produce. Vinyl both is less expensive than other options covers, such as aluminum and some types of wood.

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Vinyl decking cover is often advertised as “maintenance” or “maintenance-free”. While railings vinyl cover not stain or paint are needed and are not susceptible to carpenter ants and termites, you will need to do some light cleaning to remove dirt and grime that has accumulated after being exposed to the elements. While deck railings vinyl is not technically free of maintenance, keeping them clean is surprisingly easy.

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