Special Borders for Flower Beds

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best borders for flower beds

Stone outcrops in borders for flower beds are rarely part of the existing landscape. If you are thinking of adding some rocks or stones and rocks striking high or rocks to sit to read, consider the size and appearance of the space, the types of flowers that flank the stone and the permanence of his plantation. So look beyond the usual.

Do something unexpected with decorative stones in your flower garden. Find the message in your garden stone — or put one there. A stone carver can carve a word or phrase to set a mood or provoke contemplation. You can find smaller quartz or other soft and pretty rocks with “peace”, “dream” or “imagine” incised on them to put on or near a special borders for flower beds.

But larger, rough stones and boulders may be markers of contributions sizes Rune, a line from a favorite poem. Check with your garden center to find a stone carver in the area. A gravestone carver’s provider used stone monuments, and you may be able to launch in submitting an entry to your favorite rock. Leave homeless in the garden come upon him by surprise or come under a climbing rose tree as a focal point for borders for flower beds.