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Small Sunroom Ideas – Invite more sunlight to your living space by building a sunroom. These structures are built on the side of a house and large glass panels feature to let in more sunlight. Solariums can be used to study yoga, meditation rooms, workspaces artist or simply a place to relax and enjoy the sun. In a rugged area, the land can fall away from the house. In this situation, the glass building on stilts small sunroom ideas is the best idea to keep level with the rest of the house. Piles can also be used to lift the glass to the top level of the house terrace.

Sunroom top level

Add more light to the upper levels of your home by installing a large solarium. Ideal for extending a bedroom, the solarium offers space to relax and enjoy the views. Stilts are often constructed of concrete but heavy wooden beams can also be made. A large solarium allows the creation of a houseplant garden. A double advantage for the small sunroom ideas raised, is the shaded area is low. This area can be used for barbecues and other events garden, taking shade from the strong summer sun.

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