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Small Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Small front yard landscaping ideas – Sometimes a small house comes with a small patio and the front entrance is too close to the sidewalk or street. Create privacy walls with literal walls, two of them stepped to outline a winding path to the front door. Stucco, concrete or brick face mimicking the front of the house should be about 6 feet tall to ensure privacy. A Street paved road leads around the walls, in the enclosed front courtyard and is bordered by greenery and annuals. Choose evergreen shrubs for small front yard landscaping ideas throughout the year. Vary the heights of the plants with the highest against the walls and the lower floors to the side of the road. A couple of small flowering trees inside the enclosure are hidden over the house and the windows from view, while hinting at a garden just beyond the walls.

A craftsman bungalow deserves an entry that reflects your character, but the small front yard landscaping ideas you could lose. A concrete wall surrounding with flat slabs and faux stone columns provide a framework to the sidewalk. Separate closed since the parking deck and garage, a group of herbs in pots and exterior wall flowers banks patio.

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