Small and Beautiful Low Water Landscaping

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Low Water Landscaping Accents

Low water landscaping – There was a time, back in the 90s, when having an aquarium was the norm, especially in those small homes, downtown houses and flats without a garden or balcony where we could grow and plant plants that embellish and give life to the spaces. Now, very linked to this trend, Aquascaping is taking a big boom among lovers of vegetation, gardening, and of course, the aquarium.

It is about the creation of small and beautiful miniature worlds underwater, entirely from natural materials and aquatic plants. Beyond the standard low water landscaping and with the requirement of greater creativity and imagination, aquascaping is a practice that has stood out for decades and has made a name in countries like Singapore, Germany and in some places in America and Eastern Europe.

Many define it as an investment, since not only an important amount of materials such as water tanks filters or adequate lighting and acclimatization systems are needed, but it is also imperative to have the precise scientific knowledge so that everything goes smoothly and smoothly. Let’s not throw our little low water landscaping world overboard. But the truth is that the effort is worth it once we get the expected result.