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Rustic Deck Railing Ideas

Rustic Deck Railing Ideas – Deck railing not only provides a convenient place to put potted plants, but also gives you a place to relax and enjoy the fresh air and your home environment. Whether you’re looking exterior design inspiration for deck railing on your new lake home or ways to spruce up the deck railing of your old family cottage, take inspiration from rustic deck railing tools, traditions and imagery of rural living.

Build and decorate your rustic deck railing ideas with materials that evoke the simplicity and robustness of life in the country. Skip shiny, perfectly smooth wooden weathered, reclaimed wood from a barn. You can also paint the brand new wood with an antiquing stain or “rubbed” color effect to make it look worn. Outfit on the deck railing with a table and bench from split logs.

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Choose earthy tones and colors and patterns traditionally associated with the country to make your rustic deck railing ideas. For example, instead of painting your new Adirondack chairs a fashionable color as bright purple; filter the white, hunter green or red barn. Colors and patterns you use deck railing furniture and accessories depends on the style of rustic decor you prefer – as the Victorian cottage look, or Maine farmhouse look.

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