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Romantic Flower Bed Edging Ideas

Flower bed edging ideas is a romantic screen for a homeowner to perform for a wedding, a symbolic message or Victorian setting.  Bed is filled with same type of flower in one color such as petunias or sage or mixture of colors found in thoughts. Flower bed edging ideas may be surrounded by landscape edging.

Singing is a strip of 6-8 inches tall (15-20 cm) of metal, plastic, vinyl or other compound designed to create a sharp line between flower and grass. Aesthetically pleasing, curved lines can be created with edging. Installation may involve creation of a shallow channel around flower bed, placing tape in place by stakes and then pressing floor against edging.

Try a single row of bricks or concrete pavers planes established from end to end on ground surface or embedded in ground level with soil surface. Edges are placed flush with ground to make it easier to mow near flowerbed. Bricks or greater than 6 or 12 inches (15 to 30 cm) stacked blocks add visual appeal to curb. Use of recycled bricks is a cost to install a flower bed edging ideas method. Manufactured or “false” stone can give appearance of natural stone for much less.

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