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Raising Driveway Apron

Driveway apron – Apron of your driveway is the transition zone between the road and the surface of the main road. It tends to get the most use and, as such, must remain strong and stable. So when her apron pavement begins to sink due to a change in soil conditions beneath the slab, it can pose problems for entry as a whole. A repair does not require removal and replacement of the slab, however. By Mudjacking the slab in place, the platform can be lifted into place, creating a subsurface concrete base to rest on the apron and secure again.

Driveway apron, drill holes January 4 1/2-inch diameter spaced 6 inches apart in a line through the slab into the ground under aprons section is to be lifted using a hammer drill and masonry bit. Place the holes to run from the highest point of the area you need to raise to the lowest point.

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Driveway apron, run a hose through the hole in the flap located at its highest point until it reaches the ground under the concrete. Do not push the hose into the soil itself, since dirt clogs the end of the hose. You just want the guest to rest on the surface of the earth.

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