Raised Flower Bed Ideas Border

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ideas garden borders for small backyard

Raised flower bed ideas landscapes give more dimension and style. They also limit the difficulties associated with retaining moisture and keep weeds at bay. Border options ranging from pressure-treated wood for railroad ties end flowerbeds with low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing framework that can last many years. Choose a border that complements your garden and home without sacrificing originality.

Sleepers create a rustic themed border stack and stabilized with rebar. Black railway sleepers add rich color to raised flower bed ideas and can be further lined inside with railroad spikes for a touch of creativity. Pressure-treated wood are ideal for more formal flower beds. They can be stacked and secured with screws for long timber, or you can choose larger timber to an edge of one layer. To a solution border budget, try large logs cut for firewood as a natural border. Keep your border against landslides with peaks as rebar or wooden stakes.

Raised flower bed ideas create the perfect urban garden used as borders for flower embossed tires. Measure your flower bed how many tires you need for a border. Depending on your drawing favorite band, find tractor tires or car in a junkyard. Have them cut in half at your local hardware store.