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Pvc vs. Aluminum fencing

Aluminum fencing and PVC or vinyl, are the two types of fencing “maintenance” considered. These fences resist corrosion and water damage require only occasional cleaning and are relatively easy to install. However, despite these similarities, there are some differences between the materials. Knowing the differences between aluminum and PVC fencing can help homeowners make smart, informed choice about their origin fences.

Aluminum fences come in almost any color. They can be powder coated using a special process thermoplastic or anodized electricity, linking the color directly to aluminum. Colored aluminum fencing is a bit more expensive than fencing without color, however. Vinyl fences also come in many colors, but the darker colors perform as well in the heat. Vinyl fences dark become flexible at high temperatures and may not work as well as lighter shades.

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Both vinyl and aluminum fencing are difficult to distinguish from wood or wrought iron distance. Advances in texturing have made possible the production of vinyl resembling wood, but has the same disadvantages. However, most vinyl fencing is still a lot like plastic fence. Coated aluminum is difficult to tell from wrought iron, even at close range.

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