Popular Copper Fire Pit

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alluring copper fire pit

A copper fire pit is also popular choice. Copper is strong and very attractive. More maintenance is required that some types of metal, as it can easily spot. It’s not good for wet copper, or leave it wet, so it’s important to drain, clean and cover your fire pit copper.

To clean copper fire pit, choosing a suitable copper cleaner. If drainage holes aren’t already in your reservoir of copper or any metal fire pit, you may want to consider some drilling in bottom of cup or dish. When you are sure that fire is completely extinguished and fire pit is no longer used for some time, cover with a tough weather.

Note that copper fire pit should be used with caution. Start by choosing one with a protective screen and ensure a safe place for bonfire. Make sure there are no plants, trees or debris nearby. Also, use a pad of fire, stones, bricks or other suitable materials under your pit to avoid granting hot to land on a flammable surface ash. Keep a fire extinguisher or garden hose nearby is also a good idea. Make sure fire is completely extinguished before leaving area. Never leave a hot fire, or even a smoking one unattended.