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Pergola Shade Ideas

Pergola shade – If some of your plants are suffering with excessive sun exposure, you can create a pergola to provide shade at certain times of day. Pergolas are also perfect for decorating your garden and provide support for trepaderas plants. Pergolas are fixed structures, usually made ​​of wood, used in gardens or terraces. Pergolas covered with climbing give anywhere an aspect of elegance and welcoming difficult to achieve with other decorative elements. Additionally, they offer extra space small gardens.

Pergola shade are also very versatile, offering privacy in urban gardens, unused spaces in corners becomes charming and obviously provide welcome shade in the hottest summer days. Most people build a pergola to relax outdoors in a space that is inviting, comfortable and with a modicum of privacy. These characteristics encourage spending more time outdoors and that’s what outdoor living is all about.

In a DIY store you can buy all you materials needed for building your pergola shade, you’ll need 19 wooden beams 4 x 4 cm, beams type 2 × 6 cm, cross beams, containers, gravel, screws, cement blocks, drill , nail gun, among others. I leave you then with a video step by step to build a beautiful wooden pergola for your garden. Buy quality products to not compromise the final result.

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