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Paver Stone Patio in Unique Look

Paver stone patio are a cheap way to create feature areas or focal points in your backyard. Stones come in a variety of colors, styles and shapes that make these an ideal choice for most properties. While you can install paver stones to yourself, if your project aspirations exceed your skill level, you can work with a contractor. Look to the existing landscape to help you choose a color and style scheme.

Incorporate a bridge paver road from two areas of your yard or to cover those unsightly land areas pets and children have eroded. Whether you choose to design a straight and narrow path or a serpentine path will depend largely on the space available. Mix and match paver stone patio for a chessboard pattern, in two different shades.

Another idea is to convert the stretch of sterile earth into a fire patrol well. Check local bylaws to determine the proper spacing between the structures of the best location. Using pavers to create a visually appealing design such as the fire pit will become an instant focal point. Make the area surrounding the fire pit wide enough to accommodate it. Top paving bases with a paver stone patio slab for the seat of the benches.

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