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Patio Swings with Canopy Design

Patio swings with canopy – Building a wooden patio swing you can be completed with basic hand tools and a weekend of time. The patio swing can be done with a single tool firewood and family name it can be burned into the wood along with other designs. Make the frames of the ends of the swing cutting four pieces of wood 2 by 4 inches, 24 inches each. The end frames will be used to support the mounting of the swing seat and back. They are placed at each end of the yard swing.

Patio swings with canopy, make the rear supports cutting two pieces of wood 2 inches by 4 to a length of 36 inches. These pieces will be attached to the ends racks to complete the framework for the swing.

Patio swings with canopy, place one of the back supports vertically between two of the boards 24-inch piece. Joints must make an “L” with all edges of the wood to level with each other. Use a wood drill with a 1/4 inch bit boring a hole through the three pieces of wood. Slide the carriage bolt through the hole and secure the boards together on the other side with a nut. Repeat this process to create the final frame to the other side of the swing.

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