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Patio Shade Sails Installing

Patio shade sails – The mesh shade is designed precisely to provide shade without completely block the sun’s rays. The fabric is resistant to discoloration and rust damage. It comes in a variety of colors and can be purchased in rolls or cut portions. It is widely used in greenhouses because it protects plants from UV rays and frost. Its relatively light weight makes it good for covering large distances, such as patios. You can do a simple shade cloth installation using existing brackets on a weekend. The project will take longer if you have to install poles.

Patio shade sails determines the size and shape of the shade cloth that will install. Begins deciding what media you will use. The exterior wall of your house, trees and poles or existing structures are suitable supports. If there is nothing you need poles. Measure the distance between the supports and adds two inches (5.08 cm) on each side to the hems.

Patio shade sails cloth cut to size and makes hems for all sides. Make a fold 1 inch (2.54 centimeters) along each edge and then fold again. Adjust the hems with pins and sew them. Mesh marks indicate where each corner which is attached to the support.

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