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Paint Vinyl Outdoor Seat Cushion

Outdoor seat cushion – Seat cushions vinyl are used in many different places such as boats and outdoor furniture. Since the material was created to resist moisture and stains, you cannot paint with normal paint cloth. Instead, you should get a spray paint specially formulated containing a promoter maximum grip strength. Spray paint vinyl insurance dries quickly and creates a link with vinyl that will not crack, chip or flake away.

Paint vinyl outdoor seat cushion, Use a damp cloth to clean the vinyl seat cushion to make sure it is clean. Dry with another clean cloth. Newspaper Spread where you are painting; choose a well – ventilated, and outdoors or in an open garage. Place the outdoor seat cushion vinyl on the newspaper.

Shake the can of spray paint vinyl insurance that can be purchased at a hardware or home improvement. Keep the nozzle of the can about a foot away vinyl pad, and spray paint in circular movements to evenly distribute fluid on the cushion. Allow drying completely pain according to the directions on the can; this usually takes about 30 minutes. Turn the outdoor seat cushion over when completely dry, and repeat step 3 to paint the other side. Make sure the sides of the pad are also coated in color. Let dry.

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