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Outdoor Porch Swing Design Ideas

Outdoor porch swing – There is nothing like being able to sit outside on your porch on a warm evening and be able to enjoy the outdoors. While the process requires a few tools and a bit of know-how, a porch swing is actually a very simple home do it yourself project. Decide where the swing will go, and measure from where the swing will hang down to the porch itself. Subtract a foot and this is how long your two lengths chain should be. Looking at the half-roof, you must identify where the swing will hang. Look for longer and heavier pieces of wood that hold up half-timber. You can attach swing sideways to one of these, or between two of them.

Buy the necessary supplies. All major home improvement stores will carry everything you need, from timber to chains. Buy two lengths chain that an employee will cut for you. Prepare your outdoor porch swing. Select the two places in your half-roof where you want to drill holes. They should be the same distance as the swing is wide, 6 feet, and just as far from the edge of the porch, so the swing will hang square.

Make outdoor porch swing, using a drill, a hole in each of these places lives. Live at least three inches in half-stack. Then you will install eye bolt. These will hold the full weight of the swing so they must be safe. You can screw them into the holes in the hand at the beginning, but as it gets harder you can put a screwdriver through the hole at the end of the eye bolt to make it turn easier.

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