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Outdoor Drinking Fountains Sources

Outdoor drinking fountains – Sources of drinking water must be accessible by persons with disabilities, and its location is clearly indicated by signs compliant with ADA. Drinking fountains not be on the travel route and must be within an alcove or have lanes on each side to ensure that the source of drinking water is not a danger to people with visual impairments the trip. Drinkers should have both a high and a low level trough with low trough has a peak height not exceeding 36 inches from the finished floor.

Outdoor drinking fountains, drinkers should have a knee space between the bottom of the skirt below the finished floor less than 27 inches tall, 30 inches wide and 17 to 19 inches deep. A clear space of 30 inches by 48 is necessary to allow a wheelchair to the sprue when in use. It is required in the bottom of the trough flap for the finished floor to allow a wheelchair to roll comfortably below a minimum of 9 inches of clearance.

All sources of outdoor drinking fountains water should have controls on the front or side. Controls should be operable with one hand. This means that the controls should be a button or lever type of control that does not require much force to use.

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