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Outdoor Bar Stool in Many Attractive Styles

If you are shopping for outdoor bar stool, can many different styles can be overwhelming. With so many attractive options, it’s hard to narrow them and make a decision. It helps to first decide what type of material you prefer. Stool seats can be made of metal, wood, upholstery or even everyday things. Select a seating material that goes with your decor is durable, and that you find pleasing to eye.

Metal outdoor bar stool seats are durable and versatile. Metal can be polished and refined or rusty and primitive. Stool seats are made of iron, steel, aluminum, copper, or almost any metal. Many metals such as aluminum or wrought iron work well inside or outside as garden furniture. Wood is a classic material used to make furniture. From simplest round stool to an ornately carved masterpiece, wooden carved or cut into almost any shape. Cedar and redwood withstand outdoor elements, but other woods need a waterproof coating, if used outside.

Relaxed and often used in country-styled outdoor bar stool, plant or reed-based seat materials include rush, wicker, rattan and cane. These are all made from dried plants leaves or stems, which are woven together. They seem like they might be weak, but they are actually quite strong. These materials work best indoors since they do not resist water well.

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