Outdoor Bamboo Shades Design

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outdoor bamboo curtains

The outdoor bamboo shades are a durable and attractive low cost option for garden decoration. They come in a variety of styles and sizes are available and are an option friendlier to the environment. Outdoor Curtains made of bamboo are all slightly different in color and texture, as they are a natural product.

Bamboo shades create a soft lighting and that filter sunlight instead of completely block it. This is because the small spaces between the slats of bamboo that let in some light. These blinds offer a variety of styles and aspects: the bamboo curtains can be woven as round, square, flat cut or sliced ​​sticks. Outdoor bamboo shades give a tropical look to outdoor decoration. They are reminiscent of East Asia, Hawaii and other tropical islands where bamboo is widely grown and used.

Because bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, its production is less harmful to the environment than wood production. This makes bamboo shades are more environmentally friendly than wood shades option. Bamboo is lightweight and durable, so even the largest bamboo curtains require no hardware high resistance to keep installed, and will last a long time to air free.