Modern Outdoor Fire Pit Idea

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Awesome Modern Outdoor Fire Pit

Modern outdoor fire pit – An outdoor fire pit can adds drama to the surround backyard and give focal point in there. Whether hosting a card game cookout, family dinner or party, homeowners will find that can entertain guests with comfortably outdoor fire pit. You and your guests can place a metal grate over the fire roasting marshmallows and enjoy homemade barbecue. Or can also just enjoy snuggle up around it.

Many modern outdoor fire pits have a table rim around the edges. Or built into decorative tables, serving a dual purpose. So allowing people to cook food over the grate and place their service on the edges. Often sold as part of a furniture set, decorative modern fire pit tables come in many different materials, including slate, tiled mosaic, river rock, bronze and copper. So homeowners to choose one that blends with the surrounding outdoor decor. Use blocks to create a temporary or permanent modern outdoor fire pit idea in your backyard. A temporary block fire pit looks like a stone fire pit, only to wind blocks or bricks around the edges.

Use molded concrete blocks molded to look like stone having flat tops and bases which makes them easier to stack. Place the blocks of the desired location to form a circle as wide as you want the fire pit. Remove the blocks and dig a 1-foot-deep circular ditch. Grave another 6 inches around the edges of the circular trough as wide as a block. And distribute a layer of drainage gravel above the base. Add a number of blocks of gravel adjacent to each other. Apply masonry glue the blocks with a caulking gun before firmly placing subsequent rows of blocks over them until you reach the desired modern outdoor fire pit height. Pour into gravel.

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