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Making Wooden diy Pergola

The first thing we did was to prepare the strips that will go to the wall and secured to the rafters. So we’ve made them 4 holes with wood drill bit 12 and will post to the wall studs threaded rods 16 and 10 with washer and nut, all set with a chemical block to hold the weight well. After preparing the supports of the pillars. For this drill drilled concrete with 10 and hold them with screws 10 and fixed to the ground for diy pergola.

Now we begin to lay the foundation trying to leave the most vertical possible, but when we put the front horizontal beam and rafters is when we leave well for diy pergola. To fix the support 4 bolts used 4.5cm wooden washer. Now we mount the front beam and subject them to vertical with screws 8 × 20. Screws were a bit special. To help enter drilled holes in the front beam 5 drill.

Then we started with rafters that will superimpose on the beams that have attached to the wall and the front beam just placed on the posts. We use similar screws 8 × 16 and drilled them also to help a little. And we began to distribute the rafters for diy pergola.

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