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Making Wood Pergola Kits

Wood pergola kits – Build a wooden pergola is not particularly difficult if you have the right tools, you have DIY skills and carpentry, and we know the basic principles to keep in mind. You can not say the same with the construction of a porch a gazebo or wooden hut in these other three cases, always we recommend hiring a professional because they have an easy construction and details are really important to ensure stability structures.

Most often when building wood pergola kits is to use large wood screws to make unions crossbars, beams and columns (uprights). This construction is relatively simple and gives very good results in both strength of the structure and from an aesthetic standpoint, since practically no joints are seen.

In the case of wood pergola kits with the described sections recommended for joints between pieces of wood screws are 30cm, thus without difficulty traversing section 14 cm and 16 cm still has to engage the other part. Typically, two crossed at major junctions such as the beams and pillars are arranged screws. Other screws that must take into account, and that will also feature large are the screws with pin used for attaching a pergola to the front of the house or the ground if we are using fastening hardware to the ground (the alternative is the use of a threaded) rod.

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