Making Waterproof Outdoor Cushions

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Waterproof outdoor cushions – If your outdoor dining could use a new look, make some waterproof cushions or pillows for the space. You can make waterproof cushions of waterproof materials outdoors.


Measure the seat of the chair or the area where you plan to put the pillow or cushion with a tape measure. Place the muslin in the seat the outline of the seat onto thin to create a form with a pattern to follow, if necessary. Track shape of the foam with a pen or marker.  Use an electric carving knife for cutting the foam to the size and shape. Wrap the foam in batting.

Lay your waterproof outdoor cushions fabric back up. Add your pillow or pillow shape on your fabric. Cut out the shape. Add the shape of the fabric. Cut out a second form exactly the same as the first. Lay your pillow on the side of the fabric. Track side of the pillow as one piece or more pieces, depending on the shape of your pillow.

If you make a pillow, skip this step if you do not want your pillow to have edges.  Sew pieces together along the edges, the back of the material facing out. For waterproof outdoor cushions, simply sew the two pieces together for both sides. Place pillow or pillow form inside your fabric “bag.” Fold edges of the open end.

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