Making Cedar Pergola

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Awesome Cedar Pergola

Cedar pergola – Although wooden pergolas will not protect us from the weather such as wind or rain, why or what we want to build? Well, pergolas, they provide a sense of refuge on the outside of your home, make you feel more comfortable, give an original decorative touch and ultimately get more enjoyment of your garden, patio, deck or any space for the enjoyment of the outdoors.

This article will explain the basic construction of cedar pergola wood because it is a very resistant wood deterioration and also provides a distinctive aroma. In this case, it will be the South American cedar because unlike the original it is much more resistant to putrefaction, mildew and moisture.

You will find the best possible location for your cedar pergola, taking into account factors such as orientation, protection against wind, the land on which will be installed for optimal results. Once you have found the ideal for the installation of our pergola site, you pinpoint the location of the 4 main posts that will be the mainstay of our wooden structure. Take it easy this step because without a good foundation, you can have the odd mishap.