Making Brick Fire Pit

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Brick Fire Pit No Mortar

Brick fire pit – If you want to make a barbecue party on the patio, in the environment on a camping trip or just heat your landscape when people come over, there’s nothing like a homemade fire pit. There are several methods for building your own, but keep in mind that the best materials include stone and refractory brick fire pit.

This brick fire pit is a permanent fixture in your yard, so building the best possible way. Choose a place that has good drainage and no hanging or close obstructions within at least 15 feet. Decide on a size and shape of the fire circular or square (this depends on your room, fire brick and size of grill). Mark the measurements. Dig around 12 inches on the ground in their actions, then a uniform layer of gravel spread along the bottom of the pit.

Apply a couple of inches of mortar evenly on top and smooth with the trowel. Allow to dry. Set the first level of brick fire pit around the outside of the foundation, the holes up. Apply a layer of mortar between the bricks of fire evenly, and then layer more bricks halfway between those on the first level. Continue to build up your fire pit is as high as you want.