Making Bowfishing Deck

Sep 15th

Bowfishing deck – Almost any normal arch archery bow can be converted into a bowfishing bow with some modifications.  Bowfishing is a former American sport that combines fishing and hunting with bow and arrow.  In general, a bow used to bowfishing takes more stress than is used for hunting, so it has a great job the rest of the arrow while the reel is placed for arco. Pescadores use special arrows bow to catch carp, gar and saltwater fish, even large.  You can find the accessories you need at any great good sporting goods store or fishing.

Making Bowfishing Decks

Bowfishing deck, the first thing you notice will be the raised front platform with the railing.  There are two bike seats on it, as well as a bow holder and trap door for the trolling motor.  It’s a quick-release platform, so we’re not just talking bowfishing…you can also use it for regular fishing.

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Choose your bowfishing deck.  The most archers use an ancient arch that can withstand some abuse and can be easily replaced if lost in the water. Choose a reel.  You can use a standard reel, reel retriever or a reel shooting through.  Most bowfishers use a reel retriever, which has the line fish in a bottle.