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Make Driveway Pavers

Concrete driveway pavers are a type of easy to install concrete driveway that is designed to eliminate stress and pressure of cars and vehicles on the surface. Pavers are an excellent alternative to more traditional ways of entry, as they offer greater aesthetic interest, are much easier to install and according to the Land Maintenance magazine, are a cost-effective alternative other paving methods.

In a small courtyard, a 4-foot addition will also work. Paint the outline of the road. It is easier to install the driveway pavers in a straight line. If possible, make the path as wide access as measurements 8-12 cobblestones, so you do not cut any of them. Estimate the number of pavers is needed by calculating the square footage of the driveway.

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Use the measurement of the house door or bottom of the steps leading to the house as a base to the top of the concrete driveway pavers. You want the driveway to sit just below the door or at the level of the bottom of the stairs. Check the slope. Each 5 feet of the cobbles have to leave 1 inch in height to allow drainage.

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