Lp Smart Side For House? Let’s Go!

Feb 20th

lp smart side – In large cities we are used to living in small apartments, while family homes tend to be larger. But have you ever thought about living in a super small house? Let’s go, comprehensively, to break their prejudices about small houses and make them fall in love with them. The first example is a house built in accordance with oriental architecture. The roof is large and striking, and the construction uses wooden elements with strong contrasts between the colors.

Lp Smartside Reviews
Lp Smartside Reviews

Take into account the large number of windows and glass doors, which allow enough natural light in the house, in addition to making it possible to visualize the external landscape, inside it. In the same way as the exterior of the house, the bathroom has simple and thin lines. The lp smart side of the bathroom is completely covered with glass, showing an interesting option. The mirror also in linear forms is complemented by large windows.

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With this beautiful view of the garden, the bathroom does not require more decoration inside. The house above has a contemporary design in only 50 square meters. It has two floors and a burgundy color as predominant tone on the outside. With the sloping roof and an lp smart side completely covered in glass, this small house has a very interesting architecture.

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