Light of Sunjoy Outdoor Fireplace

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Sunjoy outdoor fireplace – are a fine complement to most rooms, provides warmth, comfort and atmosphere with only a minimum of fuss. Unlike their cousins stoves, gas fireplaces emits a small amount of smoke and generating heat at a constant temperature. A gas fireplace however, requires a pilot light to be turned on before they can be activated. Unfortunately, lighting a pilot light that has gone out is not as simple as striking a match.

Find bud controls flow of gas in your Sunjoy outdoor fireplace and set it to “pilot.” This button can be placed in different locations, but settings – “Pilot,” “on” and “off” – will be uniform. This knob is typically placed under a cover on the front of your fireplace. Locate “ignition” button for your fireplace. This is typically a small red button in the vicinity of the gas control knob.

Press down on the on / off / pilot knots of Sunjoy outdoor fireplace with one hand and hold it for a few seconds, then press the “ignition” several times until you see the pilot light ignite the fire. Keep the button pressed for a few seconds, then release. If the pilot light remains on, turn the knob all the way to the “on” position. If the pilot light goes Repeat this step until it stays on.

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