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Latest Glass Fire Pit Design

Glass fire pit are made ​​with small pieces of tempered glass and are one of latest trends in interior design, but are also those who use it for stoves and fireplaces. Glass table fire pits have two main purposes: functional and aesthetic. Generates attractive flames, smoke and having pieces of glass, make it extremely attractive to eyes. Another detail is that radiate 4 times more heat than conventional fires. These glasses have a special treatment that makes may come into contact with hot flames without melting, also tend to be made from recycled glass. The fire pits are safe to use and do not emit harmful substances or products emitted into the air.

When glass fire pit placed in the garden and turn them on at night creates an impressive sight because flames rise in a particular way and, in fact, seem to glass stones are actually burning.

Glass fire pit can be used both outdoors and indoors with propane gas, and the amount of glass that is used depends on the wellbore and even depth. It is a decorative article is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also makes it more functional space. I leave you two videos in which you can appreciate the beauty of fire pits with tempered glass.

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