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Large Flower Pots

Large flower pots offer many possibilities for planting large plants in an obvious choice. Masses of small annuals can also look good in a large pot. Flowering herb mixture, such as chives, thyme, rosemary and sage is attractive, fragrant and offers cooking herbs. Climbing plants like alyssum added an extra dimension when about higher plants are planted. Ixora is an attractive flowering shrub that grows five fifty-six feet tall, with an area of about five feet. Ixora tolerate hard pruning, but plants in large flower pots have a nice shape when left unprimed. The most common color is red; yellow, pink and orange cultivars are also available.

In its native tropical regions, shrimp plants grow up to six feet in height, but in temperate climates that rarely exceed three meters. The plants grow best in partial shade with protection from direct sunlight during the hottest hours of the day.

Sweet William is a small plant, less than two meters high with an area of less than 12 inches. Often considered a small container plant, but Sweet William groups planted in a large flower pots can create an impressive display. The showy flowers are often fragrant, but some of the newer varieties have no fragrance.

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